In Our Own Voices

September 26th, 2021

A diverse, hands-on experience that is more than just an operatic performance.

In Our Own Voices is an opera inspired and based off the librettist’s personal experiences of being a sibling to transracial adoptees (adoptees who have been adopted by parents who are not the same race as the child, generally this has meant white families adopting children of minority races in the US as well as internationally.)This story is not her siblings’ stories but over the last 20 years as she has listened to and lived with adoptees, she has wrestled with the racism that transracial adoptees experience.  Adoption by itself is a complicated journey and made even more complicated by the history of racism in the US.  It has led her on a long journey of facing her own racism and learning to face the racism that was part of the white communities she grew up in and also learning to listen to the voices of adoptees as they share their experiences.

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