The Certainty of Uncertainty

One thing that most artists can agree on is that nothing is guaranteed. Creative minds are almost always aware that the pathway is never set in stone. There’s no one-stop shop to becoming an artist, but how great would that be? Imagine going to college saying “I’d like to be an opera singer, please.” The […]

Voice “Boxes”

Most people might recognize the generic terms of Bass, Tenor, Alto, and Soprano, otherwise known as voice parts. These terms classify individual singing voices into a broader, more generic category suitable for ensemble singing and for generally helping an individual find repertoire that fits into their vocal range. A more knowledgeable individual might even know […]

Overcoming Opera Stereotypes

“It ain’t over ‘til the fat lady sings.”  That’s a fun one, isn’t it? Unfortunately, that phrase paints an outdated picture of what opera is and whether it’s true or not, it does help form the perception of what opera is for some.  As an opera singer myself I can’t even begin to count the […]

Welcome to…

Steel City Opera!  Reimagining Opera in the Greater Pittsburgh Area!  Bringing opera to the communities of the Greater Pittsburgh region Bringing a new perspective to traditional opera Expanding the places where opera can be heard and seen  Our Mission To educate, enrich, and entertain the community through non-traditional operatic performances. Through innovative productions, audience engagement, and […]